Modern dimension of architectural concrete

Modern Line collection is a line of architectural concrete products with strong and simple Scandinavian design that creates a new vision of elegance. Among Polish concrete manufacturers, Modern Line company offers products that fit perfectly into modern arrangements.

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Minimalism and order of the form along with breaking schemes in approach to creating concrete products resulted in furniture and surface designs. Modern Line surprises, changing known into unique. Effective  bench, flower-pot and surface design is an effect of modern concrete formula. It enabled creation of products with extremely smooth, satin texture, various shapes, textures and thicknesses.
Thin-walled Modern Line products are an innovation on Polish market. Slim bench, Focus furniture and some Regular flower-pots have a reduced 2 cm thickness and did not lose their perfect durability parameters.
The collection is also a proof that architectural concrete is a very versatile material. Its raw beauty perfectly fits into natural environment and matches to modern interior arrangements. The brand portfolio proves how well the architectural concrete looks with wood or felt and that you can create various textures and faceted surfaces.

Modern Line is a collection of architectural concrete products with consistent minimalist styling. The products are created using hand casting technology and exist in a few monochromatic colors. It is a line of modern style and a vanguard of future thinking. Order in form, precision and breaking schemes.Modern Line transforms known into unique.