Privacy policy

We have created this privacy policy for the visitors of the website (hereinafter “Website”).

The Controller of your personal data in connection with the use of the Website is BRUK sp. z o.o. with its registered office at ul. Nowa 28G, in Czyżowice, postal code: 44-352, entered in the register of entrepreneurs under the KRS number: 0000246265 (hereinafter “Bruk” or “We”).

For any matters related to processing of personal data by the Website, you may contact our Data Protection Officer at:

You can also contact us:

  • by email at:
  • in writing at the above mentioned address of our registered office
  • or by phone at +48 32 45 609 70.

For ease of reference, we have divided this document into two parts:

Cookies and other technologies
Other processing of personal data of Website users.

If you are short on time, click on the link for the part that interests you most. If you have a bit more time, we encourage you to read the entire text.



We use cookies and other similar mechanisms to learn how users interact with our Website and for marketing purposes, including displaying advertisements to them elsewhere on the Internet.

A cookie is a small text file saved by a website on your computer, phone or any other device. The cookie contains data about your use of this site.

Some cookies are essential for the operation of the Website. In other cases, we ask for your consent to install cookies when you first visit our Website. We do not use advertising or analytics cookies (or any other than strictly necessary) without your consent.

You can change your cookie settings at any time by selecting the appropriate options here or by adjusting your browser settings. You can also always return to the cookie consent management panel using the “CO” button visible at the bottom left corner of our website. Blocking specific cookies, if you previously consented to them, will be considered a withdrawal of consent, meaning that we no longer process your data in this regard.

Below, you can read about the specific cookies we use and which companies may receive your data in connection with this.


What cookies do we use?

1. Strictly necessary cookies

  • These cookies are essential for the proper operation of the site. You cannot disable them because, without them, our site simply will not work correctly.
  • In this regard, we use the Cookiebot tool, which stores your privacy settings. It shows your consent or lack thereof to activate specific types of cookies on our site.
  • Other strictly necessary cookies on our Website are used for its proper functioning and management, including making changes to the site, running tracking tools to which you give consent (Google Tag Manager), and ensuring the security of the site.

2. Statistical analysis of our Website

  • We use tools that collect statistical data so that we can understand how users interact with our Website. The data obtained from these tools does not provide information about a specific person, and we do not combine them with other data you provide.
  • We also use Google Analytics. Information collected by Google Analytics about users includes, for example: how often a user visits the site, which subpages they visit, the date of the first and last visit, the duration of visits, the page from which the user accessed the site, the browser used by the user, the link clicked, the location in the world from which the user accesses, etc. Our version of the Google Analytics service does not collect (record or store) IP addresses.
  • Google assigns a unique identifier (Google ID) to individual users and gathers data from cookie files on various websites on its servers. As the owner of the Website, we can receive reports (statistics) from Google related solely to traffic on our Website. These reports, of course, only cover individuals who have given their consent on our website for Google Analytics to record their visits.
  • We use Google Analytics in a way that shortens your IP address before forwarding it. According to Google’s statement, anonymized IP addresses processed by Google Analytics are not linked to other Google data.
  • You can prevent Google Analytics from recording information from your browser by installing a special plugin available here. For more detailed information on how Google Analytics works, click  here.

3. Preference cookies

  • The Website uses a tool that allows us, based on your anonymized IP address, to determine the country from which you connect to our site, and consequently, what language version of the Website you prefer.
  • We also use Google Maps on the Website to help you find the nearest point of sale for our products. If you give consent to reading the location of your device, the map will be able to show points of sale in your area.

4. Google Ads – Behavioral Advertising and other Google tools.

  • Google collects data from cookies placed on your device on its servers. These data are collected on all websites where you have consented to cookies (including on our Website) and from ads you have clicked. Google uses this information to display ads on other websites you visit and/or in your web browser. Typically, cookies from Google expire after 3 months.
  • As advertisers using Google’s services, we do not have access to data from cookies stored on your device. However, we can commission ads to selected audiences, for example, to all people who have visited our website (or its specific subpage or specific product) in the last 7 days.
  • These data are only used by us as statistical material, and we commission ads based on aggregate criteria (to specific target groups, not to specific users). Therefore, cookie data are not in any way linked to other data you provide to us.
  • Google possesses much broader information about your use of websites. For more information on how Google uses cookies for displaying ads and how you can manage your ad settings, click here.
  • We also use (as part of using Google Ads and Google Analytics) the mentioned Google Tag Manager tool, which allows us to manage advertising campaigns and measure their effectiveness.

6. Links to our social media profiles, social plugins

  • Our Website also incorporate link to our profile on social media: Facebook. This is regular link that redirect you to the mentioned platform. Information on how a particular platform processes your personal data can be found in the privacy policy of the respective platform.
  • On our Website, when presenting certain products, social plugins from Facebook, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and Pinterest are also used. These plugins allow you to share specific content from our Website on your profile in the respective social media platform.
  • If you use such a plugin (share specific content on a social media platform), the owner of that social media platform receives information that your browser displayed our Website, even if you are not logged into that social media platform, or even if you do not have a profile on it.
  • If you logged into one of the above-mentioned social media platforms before visiting our Website, its owner will be able to directly associate your visit to our Website with your profile on the respective platform.
  • Further details on the use of information from social plugins can be found on the pages of the providers of these platforms:
    Facebook –,
    LinkedIn –,
    X –,
    Pinterest –
  • If you do not want social media platforms to directly associate data collected during visits to the Website with your profile in a particular platform, you must log out of that service before visiting our Website.

Legal issues related to cookies

The legal basis for our use of strictly necessary cookies (mentioned above) is our legitimate interest, i.e., the right to operate the Website supporting our business and the need to maintain its security. The legal basis for our use of other cookies is your consent.

Your data from cookie files will be processed and stored depending on the period of use of the above-mentioned information technology such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, etc., or until you withdraw your consent in this regard. In the cookie management panel on our Website (accessible by clicking the “CO” button in the bottom left corner), you can check how long specific cookies store information

In connection with our processing of your personal data via cookies, you have, at all times, rights as described below.

Our use of cookies, especially for behavioral advertising purposes, may involve so-called profiling. This means that we can create a user profile based on the information collected (e.g., email address, order history, type of device, technology used, frequency of visits) and, based on this, make future purchase forecasts. This allows us to make decisions about what content (including advertisements) to display on our Website and other websites. Your data as a user of the Website is subject to automatic profiling, but this will not have any legal consequences for you.





What data do we process and for what purposes?

In addition to the cookies described above, we may process the following personal data:



Providing the above data by you is not obligatory, but it is necessary for us to contact you via email and respond to your inquiry.


For how long do we process data?

We may process data based on the so-called legitimate interest for as long as it justifies the purpose of their processing as stated in the above table, unless you object to us processing your data for this purpose.

In addition, we may retain your data securely stored for a period during which our liability arising from the processing of your data might exist. Once the statute of limitations for any claims has expired, we will proceed to delete the customer/user’s personal data on a case-by-case basis.


Who do we share your data with?

In our business activities, we use services of other collaborating companies, so your data may be entrusted by us to: Bruk associates and subcontractors providing services related to marketing and maintenance of websites, including providers of Google Analytics, Google Adwords services.

 11 11

What rights do you have in connection with the processing of your data?


We are committed to respecting the confidentiality of your personal data and to ensuring that you can exercise your rights. You can exercise your rights at no cost to you by emailing us or otherwise contacting us.
Keep in mind that in connection with the processing of your data, you have the following rights:

  • request access to the data we have about you;
  • rectify your data;
  • erasure of your data if they are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed;
  • restrict processing;
  • request data portability;
  • lodge a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office if you believe that that we process your data unlawfully.