Modern terrace – handful of design inspirations

How should the modern terrace look like? Mostly simple.  In both the form and equipment. Minimalism and oscillating around geometric shapes, highlighting the connection with nature and economy in selection of additions – these are the most common rules of modern style garden arrangements.

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With geometry in the background

Shapes of modern terraces are far from complexity. They mainly oscillate around simple geometric forms. Large spaces are often divided to several levels and zones, ex. dining and relax. Their equipment – tables, chairs, flower-pots – usually have simple – rectangular or square shapes, however in order to soften the effect of simple lines furniture with subtle, rounded forms are used. 

Less means better

Terraces in modern style are economic in selection of almost everything: shapes, materials, colors or additions. But simplicity and minimalism do not mean boredom. Consequent and skillful use of the same materials, geometric shapes and colors may provide a very original effect. A well arranged floor or furniture are a perfect decorative element in such spaces. In case of modern terraces an excess is usually avoided and they are designed with the rule that less means more. Therefore you can avoid an unwanted effect of chaos.

Various versions of the same

Colors of modern arrangements is tied with house colors, and modernist architecture bets on white, tones of gray and brown, the same happens on terraces. Using uniform tones applies to both equipment and plants. The latter – often trimmed to geometric shapes – mainly represents various shades of green, sometimes with an addition of color accents tied to house colors or – otherwise – standing out.
In contact with nature
Modern terraces are a perfect solution for busy people. You do not use too much plants there, and the plants are selected so that they do not require complicated care procedures. Being open to the garden and lack of railing are also elements characteristic for such spaces. Shortly trimmed green grass near the terrace or more direct solution – replacing the lawn with floor – all that causes that in case of modern projects the boundary between a terrace and the green area around the house disappears.

Ultra modern material

Modern terraces like modern trends. That is why so trendy architectural concrete is more and more often used next to wood, glass and metal. Thanks to its natural simplicity the material is perfectly composed with minimalist projects, perfectly fits to the nature and adds the modernist character. The concrete flower-pots perfectly underline the natural beauty of plants and concrete furniture becomes an original and distinctive alternative to most popular furniture made of rattan, wood or plastics.

Barking dogs seldom bite

Contrary to what one may expect, concrete does not have to be heavy, massive and unpleasant in touch. Modern production technology enables fair-faced concrete products to have various shapes, textures and thicknesses. Reduced wall sizes cause that flower-pots and furniture are much lighter and more mobile. Unique material durability and resistance to atmospheric conditions makes it not only beautiful in its simplicity, but also very practical. If we add pleasant to the touch and satin smoothness, it turns out that there is no better material to use on modern terraces than architectural concrete.