Furniture variations – concrete solutions for modern interiors

Concrete furniture – until quite recently such concept caused smiles of disbelief. Today concrete (and the furniture made of it) is an indicator of modern style and is quite often used in arrangement if both minimalist and more traditional interiors.

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Concrete furniture – versatility of applications

Concrete furniture is a modernist and designer’s alternative to most popular furniture made of wood, glass or plastics. It has many benefits: practical – sturdy and durable, resistant to atmospheric conditions (hence it can be used outside!) and very versatile. Although it is mostly associated with minimalist interior arrangement, it does not mean that this is its only application. Good concept for arrangement makes fair-faced concrete furniture a perfect and vanguard element in any home. A concrete table will look great in the dining room or may serve as a modern desk, while a concrete stool may be used as a footstool in the living room or a seat in the corridor. Concrete furniture distinguish any interior with an interesting and stylish detail.

Concrete furniture – minimalist interiors

Minimalist-style interior is a natural environment for fair-faced concrete furniture. It fits there thanks to white and gray colors and design: simple, modern, with geometric forms.  In such spaces concrete furniture may be the main equipment or become a designer’s, contrasting highest quality addition (in respect of the design and quality).

Concrete furniture – other styles of interiors

An unquestionable advantage of concrete furniture is its versatility. Project combining various forms, materials and perfect design may be used and aligned to many arrangements and interiors.  Skillfully used concrete stand fits to glamour style interiors, concrete table will be a wonderful element of loft-type interiors, and a stool may play the role of a footstool in eclectic arrangements. Concrete furniture may also be used as a distinctive and stylish decorative element in more traditionally arranged spaces.

Luxury concrete

Modern manufacturing technology enables the fair-faced concrete furniture to take many shapes and have a reduced weight. Thanks to reduction of wall thickness (even to 2 cm) they became more mobile and in result – more practical. Combining fair-faced concrete with various materials that make it look warmer (wood, felt) causes that is ceases to look so raw in the eyes of the users. This material is not also rough and coarse, as many people think. If often has a very smooth and nice texture that may surprise even the most stubborn objectors. If we also mention the fact that concrete furniture is often hand-made, with special care for quality and smallest details, it turns out that such furniture jumps into the category of … luxury goo.