Concrete products on request – individual architectural concrete projects

Unlike many other materials, architectural concrete provides a large scope for designers. Modern technology enables using it on floors and walls, both inside and outside. But that is not all – thanks to concrete features you can create various forms, shapes and textures. And this is the way to specific special projects.


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Slabs, benches, flower pots and even furniture made of architectural concrete have left industrial spaces and feel just great. However, constantly growing popularity and availability of this material bears some consequences – its supporters’ requirements also increase. The most aware ones reject imitations and concrete-like products, choosing unique products from the material and design point of view. In order to meet those requirements, manufacturers aim to provide so called special projects designed on the basis of individual projects. The effects of such cooperation are often surprising, as you can see in the offer of Polish Modern Line manufacturer.

The level of complexity of architectural concrete products made on individual request varies. Next to simple shapes, such as benches or cubic elements, in the special project portfolio of Modern Line you can find barbecues, fireplaces, openwork plates or unique structures. The brand technology, mainly based on thin wall products, enables production of almost any idea.

Undoubtedly the concrete properties translate into its versatility, and its power translated into adaptive capabilities – material durability and resistance to atmospheric conditions enables using concrete products inside and outside, in both private and public areas. All that causes that gardens, terraces, apartments, office buildings or parks are often filled with concrete elements with a unique individual design.