And what to use on home floor and walls? – modern arrangement solutions.

It is versatile, robust, resistant to atmospheric conditions, very fashionable and beautiful in its simplicity. Architectural concrete is a noteworthy material if you want to use modern design solutions on your floors and walls.


Concrete wall panels & floor ones

Architectural concrete can be used as an alternative to panels, parquets and ceramic tiles where you need to apply a distinctive gray lining, both inside and outside (terraces and balconies). You can use it to cover the whole floor or wall, combine it with other materials or simply use as a decorative motif. Due to the monochromatic colors oscillating around white and gray, concrete panels are perfectly matched to other materials, such as: wood, metal, glass, leather or plastics. That is why they will look great in any interior of our home. Thanks to those panels, the bathroom, corridor or sleeping room gain an vanguard accent.

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Versatile gray eminence of admiration

Contrary to what one may expect, architectural concrete is a solution not only for modern style apartments. It is a versatile material that looks great in minimalist interiors and those more traditionally arranged. Modern furniture looks amazing with concrete panels as a background, and that is not all. A skillfully arranged project enables using the floor made of this material in interiors that are far from concrete-style spaces, such as French with colonial furniture!  It will be a contrasting finishing element.

Not every concrete is the same

Concrete become trendy and also appears in various spaces as a material that imitates concrete. You can say that having something „concrete” is a must in the offer of ceramic tiles or panels manufacturers. Of course, we often find very good quality products and much worse ones. Making a decision to use concrete slabs in your apartment you need to answer the question: which effect we really want to achieve? Do we want to bet on raw beauty, power and properties of real architectural concrete or perhaps choose its imitations, no matter how successful?


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